Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Singing Hallelujah!!!

The clouds have parted. The sun is shining. And my oldest three children are back in school. Sing Hallelujah!! I probably sound horribly callous and uncaring, but after three weeks of off-track children, I am grateful for school. I make it no secret that I hate year-round school. (Yes, hate is a strong word.) I want them either in school or out of school. None of this back and forth business. But I am stuck in year-round school land, and so I must suffer.

The biggest problem this last time was that after having a baby, I didn't have the stamina or energy to go do fun things with them, which is how I usually survive. So they were at home. Thank heavens for warm weather. I think that saved all of us!

I didn't cry when Andrew went to Kindergarten. Some parents thought that I was just downright cruel because I was counting down the days. It didn't make me sad. I was thrilled that he could go learn something and someone besides me would be in charge of entertaining him for a couple of hours a day.

I still feel that way. I would have sent Michael to first grade this year if they'd let me! He and Katherine don't play well and he is often bored. I think he's counting down till first grade too.

But all that being said, I love summer break. Summer is for children. It's all about wearing swimsuits for days on end, playing in the water, going to the park, picnics, camping etc. I love summer. And I find value in allowing my children to be bored and 'making' them go play. Children are so creative when allowed to just be free. We haven't even had summer yet, and already we've had Lillie step on a nail, Michael jumping off walls, and the children look as though I beat their legs regularly!

So while I am thankful for a few more weeks of school, I am really excited for summer! (Hopefully I'll be fully recovered by the time they are out of school in July.) Yet another reason to Sing Hallelujah!!

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Stacey said...

I have to agree. While a small part of me is a little sad when my kids go to school,a bigger part is glad that they are going. It just gets to a certain point when they are bored being home all day. This is the last week of school for my son and while I'm happy it's summer,I know he will be complaining a lot.