Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ahhh, Summer.

I love summer. I love the freedom. I love the spontaneity I feel in the summer. I love not having a schedule to stick to. With the exception of a few moments, this week was fabulous and freeing. The kids and I went swimming every day, just because we could.

One afternoon, I bought ice blocks and we went to the park and slid down the hill.

Katherine got frustrated quickly and ended up mostly playing on the playground. But the older kids had a great time! And Odessa kept begging someone to take her down. We had to try to convince her not to suck on the ice block though. Ew.

One evening, Emily had had too much and wiggled herself in a circle until she conked out. I'm sorry to all you other mothers out there, but she's just the cutest thing ever!

But my favorite day by far was Friday. We went with some neighbors to the lake and had a blast. The kids played in the mud to their hearts content, they rode on boats and went kneeboarding (I wish I'd gotten pictures of that!). I got to drive a jet ski and Katherine even drove the boat. I kid you not! We were all a little green upon returning to land. She drove like a four year old, funny thing!

Miss Emily was quite cooperative and slept in her bouncy seat in the shade during a lot of the day. The water was refreshing and nobody got sunburned. And although the spray kind of sunscreen is expensive, it beats having to sunscreen that many kids with the rub-in kind! This week will likely be lack luster in comparison and the kids have several weeks left of summer vacation during which they will experience boredom. But all in all, I love it!

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Jen said...

Wow, Stacey! You are such a fun mom. Ice blocks - I never would have thought of such a thing.