Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Michael: Mom, the tooth fairy forgot to take my tooth.

Me: Shoot. (Pause) Do you know who the tooth fairy is?

Michael: Yeah, it's you.

Me: So would it be ok if I just traded you money for the tooth.

Michael: Sure! I'll go get my tooth.

So I gave the kid 50 cents for his tooth. Of all my parental responsibilities, being the tooth fairy is not one I do well. I almost always forget and have come up with some creative excuses for the tooth fairy's lateness. But this time I decided honesty was much easier.

I'm not a very good Easter bunny either. They usually get some candy and a small toy. But there's no extravagant egg hunt or nice gifts. And this year I actually let them color eggs, but that is also a rare occurrence.

I'm a decent Santa and a great leprechaun. But for some reason the tooth fairy role evades me. I think it's because it requires thought late at night. My brain goes to bed at 9 even though my body doesn't join it till 11. Maybe the kids will grow up and be fabulous tooth fairies because their mother scarred them by being a terrible one!


Susan said...

You are definitely my daughter. I was always forgetting and trying to slip it in as I hugged you good morning. Michael is so fun, what a kid. He probably is glad he doesn't have to pretend any more--just go to mom for cash!

Jana said...

Haha....Stacey! Your awesome!!