Monday, December 7, 2009

Messy Monday

This week's Messy Monday is, once again, a two-fer. First, I bring to you the toy bucket that has turned into the toy corner. And will most likely turn into the toy room if I'm not careful. You see, toys multiply and replenish themselves in the night. Toys and socks get together in the dark and PARTY.

It seems no matter how many times I go through the toys, they get spread through the house and are never in the place they are supposed to be. Where is YOUR toy mess?

Part two comes to you from a very mischievous two-year old and is actually from yesterday morning. This is what I found when I came to get her ready for church.

Isn't she lovely? It was pink marker that I scrubbed and scrubbed and still didn't get off completely. She was also covered in red juice from these little red candies she got into. She got a bath that we didn't have time for and we were nearly late to church as a result of her escapades. Nothing like a little Sunday excitement.

I also have to mention that M turned 7 yesterday. We had a successful birthday party at home, complete with presents and cake. He received a lego set, the requested movie, and some bakugans from us. Due to anticipation, we let him open his grandparents gifts on Saturday. His birthday was declared a great success!

Where is your mess today?


Jen said...

I think I have you beat on the toys this week, courtesy of our extended and ill-timed remodel.

Stacey said...

LOL You definitely have me beat!!

Anonymous said...

I must congratulate you on the fact that most of the toys are in the bucket. What a good idea to have some of them behind the chair - at the moment I am steeling myself to pick up all the toys off the floor so I can (insanely) wrap the new ones we have bought for Christmas...