Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wish List

M turns 7 on Sunday. His birthday is apparently all the rage and he has his siblings counting down with him. He's a difficult child to shop for because he wants it all. He wants the toy store and every ad on TV. A couple of days ago, he walks in the door from school and hands he his wish list.

1. TV
2. PSP
3. More games
4. Hot wheels
5. Night at the Museum
6. ipod
7. Rabbits go to home

Your guess is as good as mine on #8. #5 is a possibility because I've actually heard that one more than once. #4 is odd seeing as how he's never played with Hot Wheels, but whatever. And to the majority of his list I say it's always good to dream!

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

What happened to him wanting a blender? Wait--that was for Christmas, right? Funny kid!