Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The honeymoon is over!

Two days of school and the novelty has officially worn off. Monday and Tuesday the kids were ready a good twenty minutes before the bus came. Today, not so much.

I coerced them through breakfast, which only one of them finished. I sent them to get dressed, brush teeth, and comb hair with only fifteen minutes till bus time. I had to stand in the hallway, knock on doors multiple times, beg and plead, to get them ready for school. Lillie had wardrobe issues, as did Michael. Luckily the boys' hair takes all of two seconds and a little water. Lillie almost got to go to school looking like an orphan child. But alas, we were able to squeeze a braid in at the last second. They raced out to the bus stop, and although they weren't first, they still made it on the bus.(Being first is top priority at my house!)

Homework novelty has also worn off, though that didn't take as long to lose it's appeal. Imagine that! We are now to the begging, pleading and bribing to get homework done stage. It's one of the things I could do without! (Odessa's idea of homework is to chew on books and spit out the cardboard. She learns through osmosis!)

But the novelty has not worn off for mom. I love school. I love my children too, but yay for school! The house is quiet, or relatively so, for a few hours. I may get something done, or I may lay on the couch and hope I don't lose my breakfast. (Oh the joys of pregnancy!)

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