Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On my mind

Last night, due to nothing on TV, I watched an Oprah that I had taped a couple of days previously. I usually tape Oprah, and then I'll watch a few minutes and if I think it's interesting, I'll watch the whole thing.

This particular episode turned out to be on child predators. I couldn't even watch it. About five minutes into the show, I was in tears. I had to turn it off and I even deleted the episode knowing I would never be able to watch it. But I can't quit thinking about all those innocent children.

I very rarely have a cause or anything that I feel strongly enough to fight for, but this one hit home. So I'm posting a link to Oprah's website which has information on how to contact your senators to pass a bill that will allow more funding to track down these perverts and put them in jail. Please support this bill. Our children are literally our future and we should protect them with everything we have. And hopefully, now that I've shared this I'll quit thinking about it. (Probably just all the hormones!)

Here's a link to write your senators.

And here's more info.


Jenn said...

I just finished watching that episode this morning and it was soooo sickening! I never want to let my kids leave my sight!

Andrea Sipe said...

Not hormones - MOTHERHOOD!! :) I don't think you'll ever get over it . . . once the kids are grown, then come the grandkids - UGH!!! :) Trust God, Stacey, trust that He is with your kids at every moment, and never lets them out of His sight. It's the only thing that gets me to let Regann go to school and gymnastics. :)