Saturday, October 25, 2008

My annual Halloween party

Every year I throw a Halloween party for my family and it's been a ton of fun. This year was no exception. The children and I have been working laboriously on creating a spook alley in our unfinished basement, and that was the highlight of the evening. I'd never really gone down to see how it was at night, and I must say it is definitely more scary at night than during the day. Andrew even commented that it was pretty good. That is a huge complement from my son who informed me only days ago that my spook alley wasn't scary!!

We played our usual games, Halloween Bingo, Tic-tac-toe, and Twister. We also did a candy walk (as opposed to a cake walk), a little relay race and bobbed for apples. Apparently, I can't have a Halloween party without bobbing for apples!! Andrew made sure that activity was ready to go, and to my surprise all the little munchkins happily participated even though it was dark and cold!! We ate tons of food, and I made root beer as well. The kids love the dry ice!

It was fun, though I am officially pooped! And unfortunately, my stupid camera was stupid and I got very few decent pics. But here's an idea of the fun we have!!

A Side Note

I have to add this, although it has nothing to do with Halloween. It was just funny!

For school every year they have an art contest with a theme. (I think it's a nationwide PTA thing.) We've never participated because I feel like it's extra work and if the kids aren't going to take initiative, then it must not be important to them. But this year, all three kids wanted to participate. Andrew and Lillie wanted to draw pictures, but Michael informed me that he wanted to make a sculpture. When I told him that it had to be something that made him go wow and asked what that would be, he quietly thought for a minute. Then he says to me, "Well, a cool sculpture will make me go Wow!" Now who can argue with that?!? So, here's the cool sculpture of a castle that made him go 'WOW'!


Lori said...

It was a great party! We had a lot of fun! I love the sculpture. I makes me go WOW! :) BTW, I got lots of great pictures of the party so I will post them on our site so you can see them.

Stacey said...

Yes, please post pics!! I'm so mad at my camera! After you post them, I'll add a link to your blog in my post! Thanks Lori!!

Julia said...

Is that Maddie? that looks so much like Lydia's girls? I will have to let Lydia know I got a snick preview of their costumes...since she didn't post pictures of her family on her blog.
Looks like it was a hit! (Lydia has pictures on her blog of the Devil!)

runningmom said...

Stacey I'll have to send you more...I don't have a ton but there were more.

We had a blast!

And tell Michael I LOVE his sculpture for Reflections!!! Definitely a WOW!!!

Kate said...

How fun! I'm glad you had a good Halloween party . . . ! :)
And yeah . . . that sculpture made ME go "WOW" too! :)

Russ said...

If any finds my picture and identifies me, I'll be out of business!