Thursday, October 30, 2008

Items removed from Odessa's mouth.

Life with a toddler is never boring. Some toddlers are less boring than others. In the last few days, here are some objects I have removed from Odessa's mouth.

1. Two batteries at separate times
2. A game piece from Connect Four
3. Crayons, or pieces of crayons
4. A marble
5. Dish soap (yeah, I don't know)
6. Puzzle pieces from a kids puzzle
7. Toothpaste tubes and various people's toothbrushes
8. Pieces from a purse she bit off
9. Stickers
10. A pencil eraser

Looking at this list, a stranger may think that my home is ridiculously non-childproof. But the amazing thing about Odessa, is that she finds these random things, and I don't know where she gets them. I think she climbs. The batteries still baffle me. They are nowhere she can reach. The marbles are up out of reach as well. But if she disappears upstairs, you can guarantee she is sucking on someone's toothbrush. She is such a helpful child and keeps me permanently on my toes. My other children were much less adventurous. Thanks heavens!!


Jana said...

I swear the more I read your post the more Beau and Odessa are so much alike. Love them!!:)

Evie said...

And to think, soon she will have a partner in crime.....;)