Monday, November 3, 2008


I pull down the cobwebs and return from my month long sebatical from dusting. Dust is the essence of Halloween, isn't it? I pack away all my fun decorations and eradicate any indication that Halloween was just a few days ago. It takes amazingly less time to undecorate than it did to decorate, and within the next few hours my house will return to normal. The pictures will no longer be crooked and covered in dust. The spiders will return to their resting place in a plastic baggie in the basement.

There's a kind of mourning that goes with putting away the decorations. I feel the same way after Christmas. Another year is past. Gone. Never to be had again. I wonder if all the effort I put into the decorations and the parties is really worth it. But then I remember the smiles and the fun and I know it was. And I know I'll do it again next year. Because I love it and I love the end product. And while I may question the hours of work for a few hours of enjoyment, I know I do it for the kids, which in turn rewards me to no end. They love it. It's tradition. And what is family life if not activities centered around traditions.


Aly Allred said...

Traditions are great. FM100 is already playing Christmas music. I love Christmas music and my rule is that once Halloween is over (Nov 1st, really), I allow myself to play Christmas music any time I want. Darrin actually reminded me on Saturday that the time has come again to pull out the CDs. I think he actually likes it, but would never admit it. Men. OK, we have to catch up again at the gym. We need to coordinate our schedules better so that we both can help the time pass quicker. Again, I love the hair!

Aly Allred said...

I didn't mean for my comment to be an e-mail, but I just have so much to say (no need to comment on that one) when I can "talk" with you. Thursday I have to go the gym early (Meg's party...need to pick up cakes and things), so maybe Friday??? Would you be up for a run on Friday morning around 9am?? Think about it. I will be there :):) I will surely miss you if you don't show up. Love ya regardless. said...

I did the same thing on the 1st. I dont usually take Halloween down so soon but, I just *had to* this year. I'm also a little sad when I box it all up too. My goal for next year ... much spookier!!!