Wednesday, August 27, 2008

4 billion shoes

And counting. That's how many shoes we have! And the bizarre thing is, no one can ever find their shoes. How can it be humanly possibly to have that many shoes and still have the children searching all over the house for shoes? It's a phenomenon I've yet to understand. And it's like the shoes reproduce. But they don't reproduce matches. Nope, just single shoes.

At one point all the shoes fit in the basket I bought. But for some reason, they no longer fit and are constantly spilling out all over the floor. So when you walk in the door from the garage, you are typically tripping over shoes. My other favorite occurance with the shoes is when one of the kids empties the entire basket looking for a missing shoe and neglects to put them back. Then it's like the shoes threw up on themselves.

Part of the problem is that we have cleats for soccer, cleats for football, old shoes for mowing the lawn in, shoes to wear to school, and shoes to wear to church. Sheesh! It looks like I have a bunch of shoe hogs in my house. And if their feet would stop growing every six months, I could stop keeping Payless in business! I even have a box of old shoes in the basement. The ironic thing about keeping shoes to pass on, is their feet are never the right size for the shoes I keep. Or they are the right size, but the wrong season.

I kinda wish I lived in a country where there was no need for socks and shoes. I swear they'll be the death of me!!

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Robin said...

Funny post and sooo true!!