Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things I tell Michael (age 5)

1. Your shirt's on backwards.

2. Eat your breakfast. (20 times)

3. Your shoes are on the wrong feet babe.

4. Please eat your lunch. (another 20 times)

5. Stop touching your sister. You know she doesn't like that!

6. It's not the middle of winter, go change your clothes. (and vice versa)

7. Hey buddy, your shirt's on inside out.

8. Your swimsuit is inside out, bud, go change it. (One of my personal favorites. You'd think he'd notice!)

9. Don't torture your sister!

10. What are you supposed to be doing?

Can you tell he has an issue with clothes? He's always in such a hurry that he never stops to pay attention to how he's dressed! He started Kindergarten yesterday, and this morning, I had to mkae him change three times before he was dressed reasonably for school! He even layed his clothes out last night, but forgot they were there! He is such a sweet kid, but sometimes he just gets distracted! Don't we all!

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