Saturday, August 23, 2008

A day trip

Dad took a day off of work (Hooray for me!) and we decided to drive up to Mirror lake in the Uinta Mountains for the day. After trying to make sure we didn't forget anything and stopping off at the store for water bottles, we got on our way. I asked the kids twenty times if they had socks and shoes and thought we were good to go. Until I realized about half an hour into our trip that I forgot my tennis shoes. I just had on my flip flops. Good going mom! So next time the kids forget their shoes, I vow to be nicer to them! We had to stop and buy me some shoes! So irritating!

But we had a lovely day. The drive was a tad longer than we thought, and Odessa wasn't overly thrilled at being in the car that long, but she survived. We enjoyed hiking around the lake and over to a smaller lake called Bonnie lake. It was chillier than I had anticipated, but we all warmed up as we hiked. Odessa oohed and awwed at the scenery and at every dog we passed. Katherine had a mini-nervous breakdown at the dogs, but what else is new. Silly girl! On the drive home, we stopped at a lookout point that was a beautiful water fall. It was truly spectacular. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it to share. We love nature!

With the exception of some potty adventures by most of my children, (why do they not understand 'go potty now or forever hold your pee'?), it was fairly uneventful. We got a little dirty and a little wet. Andrew got a lot muddy, silly boy. It was peaceful and lovely and we got Dad for a whole day!

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Dancebeleza said...

Stace you crack me up! How is it that we get so worked up in making sure everyone and everything else is taken care of, that we forget about the simple stuff for ourselves util it's too late? Just know that you are NOT ALONE!!!