Friday, January 16, 2009

5 reasons not to give yourself a hickey

1. It hurts.
2. If you do it twice in the same place, it not only hurts worse but looks like you have a case of ringworm.
3. If you then scratch it, your mother will insist on putting ointment on the horrid wound you've created. And this is a tragedy.
4. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't a fashion statement. Though if you insist on wearing short sleeve shirts, you can show off your ringworm/hickey.
5. It is a conversation starter.

Katherine gave herself a hickey on her arm. Twice. In the exact same spot. It's quite lovely. And no, it's not ringworm, just a self-inflicted hickey. And the above list is 100% true.


Natalie said... are crazy sometimes!

Russ said...

Did you ever see Steven when he suctioned something to his forehead in junior and gave himself a great big hickey. It isn't just for little kids! [this is really from your mom]

aleuu said...

I accidently gave myself a 'mini' hickey with a straw last week.
It hurts now.