Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making do

Since my computer is now fixed, I can no longer figure out how to get the pictures off my camera and onto my computer. Typical. So after much procrastination I've decided to make do and post about our exciting life minus pictures. (I use exciting with much facetiousness.)

We've had a busy week. From puking children, to turtles to birthdays. Life just never slows down!

Puking children

Aww, the joys of parenthood are many. We've survived a good long while, but Odessa broke that string of luck late Sunday night. I'd thought perhaps I'd gotten lucky when, by Tuesday I'd had no other pukers. But no, Wednesday I began hearing reports of tummy aches from Lillie and Michael, both of which are home today with the stomach flu. Though Lillie has the stomach of steel and never actually puked, she just threatened to many times. That's enough for me!!


Now this is where pictures would have been handy. After our lack of luck with the crabs, I did some research and discovered that owning a hermit crab is much like owning a goldfish. They are cheap, but extremely difficult to keep alive. And so, after much discussion with my husband, much begging, pleading and crying from Michael who had to lay to rest the two aforementioned crabs, we decided to become proud turtle owners. And so we acquired Mr. Joey on Saturday.

Joe is a Russian Tortoise. And we learned that Petco personnel, despite claiming to own a turtle, know diddly-squat about them. After bringing Joe home, putting him into his nice, though slightly used ex-crab home and seeing him not eat or move much for two days, I did some research. I am happy to report that after putting Joe in a much more appropriate home, he is doing well and a very active, happy turtle. Never trust a Petco worker. Buyer beware.


Katherine turned four on Tuesday. We spent a fabulous day filled with grocery shopping (which was only fabulous because Grandma came and rescued Katherine from her mother, or the other way around!), playing with friends, a trip to Chucke Cheese and of course, cake, ice cream and presents! (I do have pictures, they are merely being held hostage at the moment!!)

As we were driving to Chucke Cheese and Katherine was in tears, I attempted to soothe her by telling her we would arrive shortly. This only increased the sobbing and I eventually came to understand that she "wanted my birthday only", which translated into "I could care less about dinner, just give me my presents!" I had left them out on the table after I wrapped them. Big mistake!! She did enjoy Chucke Cheese but was very happy to finally have her "birthday only". Happy Birthday Miss Katherine!

And so...These are the days of our lives (Cheesy soap opera music plays in the background.)

And when I figure out my stupid computer I might entertain my two faithful readers with pictures of said joyous events. Ok, not the puking, but everything else!


Julia said...

Who is your other faithful reader? :-)

runningmom said...

Me!!!! I claim spot #2!!!

Stacey said...

See, I knew I only had two readers!! LOL Just kidding. I have four readers!! My mom and my sister read my blog too!!