Monday, January 12, 2009

Items Odessa brings me

These are all things she knows she isn't supposed to have, but gets anyway. And then brings them to me, and/or spits them out when caught. After which, she runs away grinning ear to ear.

1. The remote
2. My cell phone
3. Money (This is a spit out item. Lovely.)
4. Toothpaste
5. Everyone else's toothbrush, but only after sucking on them first
6. Pretend money (Another spit out item)
7. Marbles (Yup, a spit out item)
8. My camera
9. Markers (Not sure where she finds them, and she only hands them over after using first as chapstick. Thank heavens for washable markers.)
10. Potato chips (If some fool leaves the cupboard open she heads for the chips first. I dread the day she can open doors herself.)
11. Little legos from her brother's room
12. Mini skateboards from her brother's room
13. Wet wipes

I know I'll add to this list since she gets into absolutely everything. If she weren't so stinkin' cute, she'd be grounded. But it's hard to get mad at her when her little dimples are shining up at you in a mischivious sort of way!! I do my best mommy voice to reprimand all of this, but I think she sees right through me. She still smiles when she brings me things!!

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