Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The games children play

My children are strange. I will happily admit that fact. And I suppose that means their mother is strange too. With that preface, here's a story about a game called 'Snap'.

About a week ago I discovered my children playing some sort of game with the sproingy-doorstop-thingies that go on the house. Being the mean mother that I am, I made the children replace them and told them they weren't toys. Silly mother. A few days later, I had the following conversation with Andrew.

"Mom, can we pleeeeaaaase play with the doorstops? They are the only thing I've found in the house that we can play Snap with."

"No. They aren't toys. They stop doors so we don't have holes in all the walls."

"But Mom, we'll put them back when we are done. I promise."

"No, Andrew. They aren't toys." I paused, then said, "You can buy them, you know."

Imagine the light shining in my sons eyes. "You can?!?! Where?"

"Home Depot."

"Can we go there and buy some?"

I now realize what I've gotten myself into. Imagine a puppy panting and hopping up and down with excitement and that's exactly what Andrew looked like.

"Not today, but maybe sometime. Now go play."

Well, I haven't heard the end of it since and nearly every day I have heard the beggings and pleadings to go to Home Depot. There's a first for everything!! So yesterday, I went to Home Depot and bought my kids sproingy-doorstop-thingies. Oh the joy!! They are currently off playing 'Snap', which I've determined has something to do with Harry Potter, but I'm afraid to delve into the game too much. If I knew that it only cost $1.68 to entertain my children, Christmas would have been a heck of a lot cheaper!

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Julia said...

Don't you wish you could see everything as something to play with instead of worrying about it breaking ...but we as parents have to worry since the kids don't. Oh the joys. I am glad that you were able to get some things to play 'snap' with instead of them taking them off from around your home.