Friday, January 23, 2009

It IS ringworm

My sister Lori (see Planet Mayfield) told me I don't have to rat myself out, but I feel I must. This is one of those mothering things that must be shared so other mothers won't feel alone. Or maybe they'll just make me feel better.

So, yesterday, to my absolute horror, I discovered another sore on the same arm as the hickey. My first thought was uh,oh, what if it IS ringworm. So I got on my handy little computer and googled ringworm. Then I called my mother. Then I called the doctor. And lo and behold, it IS ringworm. Let me tell you, I felt like a stellar mother!

To my credit, I DID see her sucking the same spot, twice. In retrospect, I've realized that she probably did it in response the the ringworm which is very itchy. Also to my credit, the doctor told me he thought there was no way it would be ringworm because it is usually found in humid climates. We don't know what humidity is here! He was just as surprised as I was that it was in fact ringworm. Lucky for me it's easy to treat.

Unfortunately, she's probably infected half the state with it since her mother thought it was only a self-inflicted hickey. So today I get to repent and call her school and the gym daycare and report my faupaux. Fun for me!

Note to self:
If your sister says, "hmmmm, that looks like ringworm", TAKE HER SERIOUSLY!!!


Jana said...'s all good! Funny story. So, What is ringworm anyway and how do tou get rid of it?

Stacey said...

I suppose I should have included some info. on it. Here's a link for those interested.

It is treated with a topical ointment prescribed by the doctor!

Jen said...

Eeew. I am going to flip the first time Carina comes home with a parasite down here in humid, humid Houston. It will happen. There was a lice outbreak at her daycare just a few months ago.