Saturday, March 21, 2009

He was my baby first

Odessa is just a tad possessive of her mother. If Katherine climbs in my lap, Odessa will come from wherever she is to voice her loud objections. She's little Miss Independent unless someone else occupies my lap. I do realize that this will pose a problem for the baby when she comes. Poor thing!

This week was better healthwise than last, but Andrew came down with an ear infection. And there's nothing more heartbreaking than my child, whose head I can rest my chin on, in tears and in pain. As I was snuggling my oldest baby, Odessa began voicing her loud objections and I had to tell her that he was my baby first. She just looked confused, but it made me think about my oldest baby who is now so very big. Sometimes it seems like he was my baby just yesterday, and sometimes I wonder how it's possible he was ever my baby at all. He's just so big! But when he's sick, he's still just my little boy who wants mom to make it all better. I love that I can still take care of my oldest who was my baby first.

As children, we often don't want people to tell us how much like our parents we are. And I've discovered as a parent that when I see myself in my children, it's not always good. It does seem like we pass on all of our bad traits! Why is that? But my Andrew is much like his mother. (I'm sure he'd deny this wholeheartedly!) He's sweet and considerate, to the point that we had to give him permission NOT to pass the ball in basketball this year and that it's ok to go for it sometimes! He doesn't understand the point of spelling tests as the kid can spell nearly anything. (I never understood either until I married my husband and then saw that not everyone is blessed with the ability to spell!) I'm not bragging about myself, by any means, but I often see myself in him, moreso than my other children. Even in his mannerisms and attitude. For better or worse, he's a lot like me. Always and forever my baby first!

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