Monday, August 3, 2009

The Great Blowout and Ice Cream Adventures

The Great Blowout

I went to the grocery store with as few children as humanly possible today. For me, that number is two. O and E were the lucky children too young to stay home.

Upon arrival O insisted on getting one of those lovely carts with the car on the front. At conception, I'm sure these carcarts seemed like the solution to mothers taking young children shopping. What the inventors didn't seem to take into consideration was the tantrum that would ensue if Mom didn't want to use that cart and how terrible they are to push.

On this day, this mom decided it wasn't a battle worth fighting and agreed to push the blasted car-cart. O happily got in and proceeded to buckle herself in, thus requiring me to unbuckle her several dozen times.

I thought our trip was going fairly smoothly until I received a call from home. The kids were fighting. Big shocker. After a discussion which I'm sure I shared with most of the other shoppers (so sorry) I was able to convince the children not to hurt one another and to watch TV. O was behaving herself quite well, however it was necessary to remind her to keep all apendages inside the car.

And then, it happened. E, who had been happily sucking her fists in the sling, made the face. You know, the poop face. And then I heard it. Within seconds, I began to feel warmth against my tummy where she sat in her sling and I knew it wasn't good. I peeked into the sling and saw the spot darkening on the back of her sleeper. I looked at the cart and realized I had left the diaper bag in the car. I made the decision that I would hurry and finish shopping and change her in the car. It was a decision I would regret. As I continued to hurry through my list, I felt more and more moisture, which spurred me on to finish shopping in record time. As I stood in the checkout line, I ventured a peek. It was bad. It had not only soaked through her sleeper, but also through the sling and I had poo on my shirt.

When we got out to the car, I quickly undressed her, thankful she wasn't in a onesie, and attempted to spit bath her with wet wipes. She was virtually unfazed by all this and kept sucking happily on her fists. At one point, I was holding a naked baby in the grocery store parking lot, looking frantically for something clean to lay her on. Needless to say, she had completely mucked up the changing pad I used and I couldn't lay her back on it to put a clean diaper on her. She rode home in a diaper and I changed my clothes as soon as we walked in the door. I will forever remember that trip to the store as The Great Blowout of 2009!

Ice Cream Adventures

We were at my Sister-in-law's over the weekend for a family gathering. We had a fabulous lunch followed by ice cream. I didn't give O ice cream. I knew she'd make a mess.

Well, she found someone else's ice cream and went to town.

When I got to her, she had ice cream all over her face, on her legs, in her hair and all over her hands and arms. I think she bathed in it. I took off her dress, content to let her continue playing, until I looked out and saw she'd taken off her diaper. So then I had a naked toddler covered in ice cream. She too got to ride home in only a diaper. This is what I get for NOT giving her ice cream!!


bullfrogranch said...

Oh my goodness Stacey. I had a similar experience with Ashley at a fancy restaurant after Mary Ann's graduation. I hate blow outs in babies. Though it does serve to keep me humble. Thankfully she is 4 years old now and it is now a funny memory.

runningmom said...

LOL!!! Ahhh, the joys of mothering!

Julia said...

Yes, Yes, haven't we all been through this?! I am amazed at how even though you have had other children and think you have been there done that, it happens upon you again and again and again. Crazy Crazy! (cloth stopped Isaac's blowouts! ...I am sure you love my plug for going cloth :-)

Stacey said...

Gotta love being a mother! However, look how well we can multi-task!!