Friday, August 14, 2009

I don't wanna grow up

After a week of fighting, tears and utter chaos, I am officially ready for the children to return to school. I am not one of those parents who could successfully homeschool my children. I'd need a padded room.

It seems that sometimes being in charge is just hard. It's hard to be the mature one when you are surrounded by immaturity. I have found myself arguing with my children this week. What's up with that? Last I checked, they don't get a choice. This is not a democracy.

Despite my complaints and occasional days of feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed-out, I really do enjoy parenting. My children are bright and innovative. Even if that innovation leads to such shenanigans as tying a used diaper to a string and dropping it over the banister on unsuspecting passers-by. Children are, for the most part, happy-go-lucky people with never-ending optimism, and mine teach me how to enjoy the moment on a regular basis.

I especially love toddlers. O is really starting to communicate and I love to hear what she's thinking. She tells me when things are loud and she is so curious. Oh, is she curious! She discovered how to stop up the sink this week. That was messy. But isn't she funny!?!

So I guess I don't wanna grow up, but I want all the perks of being grown up. I'm guessing there's not a way to do that. So I'll just have to struggle through like the rest of humanity and cherish the moments when my toddler wears goggles!

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Stacey said...

Ditto to pretty much of all of it! I could never home-school either,I just would not have the patience. Personally,I like the break. :D

I have argued with my children as well and then just said "because I'm your mother and I say so!" The End. :)