Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Practical Jokers

Sundays are crazy days. Getting six kids and one husband out the door in time for church is often a marathon event which requires great planning and more patience than I have sometimes. This last Sunday was no different. However, my boys thought they were funny and played a bunch of practical jokes.

The first I came across was as I was doing O's hair. She was sitting on the counter wiggling and squirming all over and decided she needed a drink. So she turned on the faucet and leaned over to help herself. Next thing I know, I'm getting sprayed with water. Someone had put tape over the faucet. Nice. Dad giggled and informed me the boys were up to no good.

A couple of minutes later I hear L hollering that she couldn't open the refrigerator because the boys had taped it closed. I'm not sure how she resolved the problem, but she was upstairs a few moments later.

I went downstairs to fix myself a piece of toast before church. I opened the silverware drawer only to discover not a single piece of silverware. So I checked the dishwasher. Nope. Nothing. So I hollered up to the boys, I just knew it had to be them, and told them to put the silverware back. A few minutes later, M enters the kitchen with silverware stuffed in his pockets and more in his shirt. I found out later that they hid all the silverware so no one could cut the tape off of all the various items they taped. Nice.

We somehow managed to get out the door, but the boys and L wanted to walk to church. The rest of us drove, but as the meeting was about to start, I sent Dad to make sure they were still coming. A walked in moments later with a ring indent on his forehead. He had sucked a toy to his head for the entire walk. Nice.

After church, which included much giggling, I sat down on my computer to surf the net only to discover tape over half the keys on my keyboard. Nice. No wonder we never have any tape in the house!

My husband says it will only get worse. I'm afraid. Very afraid.

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bullfrogranch said...

Hi Stacey, You married David. He was a super busy boy growing up. I am sure that his boys will be "just like dad". Do you think his parents ever said? "I hope you have a child just like you someday." he he he