Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thoughts and junk and stuff

I have been unable to put my thoughts into any kind of cohesive form this week. Thus the lack of blog posts. I have so many thoughts that I can't seem to organize them. This is not a problem I have very often, having children does that to you.

So here's my attempt at organizing my thoughts.

My little sister had her twin boys this week. They were early and are in the NICU. But they are amazing. Amazing little miracles. And there's two of them! For some reason, that alone is absolutely amazing. And I get to be their aunt. I'm so excited to watch them grow.

It seems that no matter how many children I have, or how many children I've seen others have, I am still in awe at the miracle of life. I once watched a documentary on the whole process and determined that it's a miracle any of us reproduce. The odds just aren't in our favor. God definitely has a hand in it.

And the miracle of technology is absolutely stunning. There are so many preemies that would never have survived a hundred years ago. But today, they not only survive, they thrive.

But then my thoughts turn to a conversation I had with a friend this week about how hard it all is. And it IS hard. No matter how awe-inspiring these little miracles are, the reality is that raising children is a challenge. It's a challenge no one can prepare you for. It's a challenge without a guide book. And sometimes, it's completely overwhelming. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of it.

I've found that no matter how much you love your children, or are impressed and amazed by the things they do, you still have days that you want to sell them on the street corner to anyone willing to take over. They can be infuriating. The key is to not beat yourself up over the fact that you aren't a perfect parent and realize it's ok to be all done sometimes. And mothers, we all need to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else.(I'm as big an offender of this as the next mom.) We are all different. Thank heavens!

So those are some of the thoughts that have been floating around my little brain. I hope they make sense somehow.

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Jana said...

Stacey....Love your post! And so very true! Glad to hear the new babies are doing well! Hope your sisters is too! One day we might just run into each other...haha! Feel like I have not seen you in forever!!