Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contents atop the dryer

Today is laundry day. Ok, every day is laundry day. But today I start the week o'laundry. As I loaded in the first load of laundry this morning, I found myself staring at the contents atop the dryer. I was fascinated by what I found, yet utterly unwilling to clean it off.

Here is what I found:

1. A giant flashlight with no battery.
2. The spray and wash
3. Contact solution
4. Conditioner
5. A screwdriver
6. Ink pads for the stamps I rarely use
7. 1 diaper
8. 3 pairs of baby legs
9. A notepad for making to-do lists (a little irony here)
10. Another flashlight
11. A cereal bowl used for collecting all the change I find in the washer (I made a dollar last week!)
12. Odessa's skirt
13. Doll clothes
14. A plastic yellow spider
15. A green sticky hand
16. Rose and flower care
17. Sunscreen
18. Silver acrylic spray paint
19. A Magic Treehouse book
20. Michael's white church shirt
21. A nightlight with accompanying bulbs
22. A giant ziploc baggie with wetwipes in it
23. A white wide-brimmed hat
24. A water bottle

What's atop your dryer today?


Stacey said...

Mine is boring,it just has clothes on it. :P

Julia said...

That is pretty impressive! That is a lot to fit in a little space. Luckily for me I just cleaned mine off the other day. Today it only has laundry soap, bleach, some socks and a few rags (things that have been add to the 'wash' pile since yesterday). However, if you had looked yesterday you would have also found a car seat and base, a bucket full of diaper inserts, some raid, and I am sure I don't know what else!

Dan said...

Dryer? What dryer?

Russ said...

That is a fine pile!!!

Jen said...

Cleaning supplies, a couple closed plastic bags with "accident" clothes from daycare, a quarter, dryer sheets, laundry detergent, and a random cardboard box full of used shopping bags and I'm not sure what else.

runningmom said...

A single, solitary button...

Now if you ask about the counter next to the dryer....

Jodi Pettit said...

Ha! Sounds like my dryer. I have a wooden lady bug house (waited all summer to make it outside) diaper bag, cds, football coach gifts w/accompanying gift bags, basket full of socks missing their mates, a Christmas gift for a nephew, sunglasses, a few coins, hair clips, the kitchen rugs I washed last week anticipating mopping and replacing them on a clean floor and a few random toys. It is great to be able to close the door.