Friday, September 4, 2009

Ten things that scream "We have children!"

If you didn't know me and you came to my house and wandered through it, you'd say to yourself, 'children live here'. Here's ten reasons why.

1.The bottom pole on the banister has been taped together with scotchtape. And retaped. And retaped.

2.In the bathroom there is a little potty next to the big potty. And soap all over the counter. And bandaid garbage on the floor.

3.The fort that has taken up residence in my front formal room.

4.Baby paraphernalia is a dead give-away. The swing, bouncer, bumbo, floor mat. Babies take up a lot of space!

5.Socks and shoes of all sizes scattered hither and yon.

6.The kitchen table that has a princess coloring book cover permanently adhered to it.

7.The toddler hiding in the pantry snitching chips. Ok, so if we weren't home, she wouldn't be either!

8.Crumbs, crumbs and more crumbs.

9.Sticky or dirty doorknobs.

10.Toys everywhere. They multiply in the night I tell you.


bullfrogranch said...

I hear you Stacey. I found a cute poem that talks about having children in the home and taking time to play with them instead of obsessing about the house being clean or not.

Stacey said...

Your house sounds just like mine,except we don't have the banister scotch taped..yet. Oh and there is toothpaste instead of soap all over the bathroom counter.