Sunday, September 13, 2009

A toddler obsessed

"Penny pockey", I hear O yell for the one millionth time. O has an obsession. She loves pennies. She holds them all day and wants them in either her pockets or mine. But she can't say pocket, so it comes out pockey.

If she finds one on the floor, it's like discovering gold. She squeals with delight, jumps up and down and grins from ear to ear. And it doesn't matter what size, or nationality the coin is, they are all pennies to her. She doesn't discriminate.

From time to time, she puts them in her mouth. But with many stern warnings that they will be taken away, she's gotten better. She no longer brings them to me in her mouth to spit out.(See this post.)

She insists on wearing pants with 'pockeys' so that she has somewhere to store her many pennies. And if there aren't any clean pocket pants, I had better be equipped with 'pockeys' or there will be hell to pay!

Because of this new obsession, there are pennies littering the floor of my home. She's emptied the coin jar on my desk and throws gargantuan fits if you happen upon a penny and don't immediately return it to her. It doesn't matter if it's not her penny. They are ALL hers. I have a toddler obsessed. Obsessed with pennies.

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bullfrogranch said...

That is so funny. My little boy Jason used to call all money "penny dollars". He would blush now if I brought it up. They grow up so fast.