Sunday, April 6, 2008

The art of sitting still

Sitting still is not something you do much of when you have small children. Sometimes I miss the ability, or even the opportunity, to sit still. I'm not even sure I would know how to do it if given the opportunity. On the rare occasion that I could actually sit still, I find myself fidgeting and looking around for something to do. Maybe this is how children feel when we require them to sit still and be quiet. It's a near impossibility. Even a child sitting still wiggles and squirms about. And the most quiet child is constantly whispering or finding some way to make noise. It's really amazing that we grow up with any ability to actually sit still. Perhaps that's why we have children. I find that my children can't sit still while doing homework, or even eating. Andrew is usually half on, half off his chair. Michael is running circles or climbing in between whatever activity might require stillness on his part. And the other children are about the same. Just constant motion, and noise. Most of the time I don't really notice it. It's just a part of having children, but sometimes, like today, I miss being able to just sit still!

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