Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daddy therapy

Sometimes a little Daddy is all the kids need. The last couple of days have been Daddy days. Dad has been able to be home a little more and even skipped out on work for a couple hours yesterday afternoon to come hang out with us. It was so relaxing. The kids were chanting "Dad, some see this, Dad look at this, Dad, Dad, Dad" and I just sat back and watched. It was so nice not to hear "Mom" for a little while. The baby gleefully sat on Dad's shoulders, squealing and happy with the world. A mere hour before, the children were cranky and fighting, but it seemed that Daddy made it all better. Things like this are why 'they' proclaim how important it is to have a Dad available in the family. That and the mother's sanity! We all came away from Daddy time feeling better, feeling more relaxed and loving each other a little more! Yay for Daddy!

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