Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sick baby

Sick baby makes for a mom who can't get a whole lot done. Hence the serious lack of posting on my part. She has had a nasty cold and a stomache virus and we are on the road to recovery! Finally! She is still in the fussy, hold me all day, phase of illness. But each day she is spending a little more time playing and a little less time fussing. I miss my sweet, easy-going baby and I hope to have her back soon. Not to mention the serious lack of excercise that has gone on due to my inability to take her to the gym daycare! Oh and here she is crying in my lap!! The joys of motherhood are many! Aren't they?


Erica said...

I feel your pain with the sick baby stuff. Ethan is FINALLY better, but now he's got to make up his 18 month checkup shots that we missed due to illness. Woohoooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say it is just not a joy for the Mother too! I am facing my first bout of a child with the stomach flu! Ella is sick and has been vomiting all night. And she does not show any signs of getting better!