Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm amused

According to the live traffic feed on my blog, I've had quite a few more readers arriving on my blog lately. These readers seem to be arriving from various search engines on my post titled, 5 reasons not to give yourself a hickey. I find it amusing that people would think a mothering blog might actually contain information on how to give oneself a hickey. I also find it a tad bit frightening. Are there really that many people in the world anxious to give themselves hickey's? I remember getting them in my younger years, and they aren't all that attractive, if memory serves me correctly!

So to all you hickey researchers...don't do it! It just looks stupid! And anywhere you could give it to yourself, well, that's just sheer desperation! There are much better ways to create jealousy in the one you are seeking after than a self-inflicted hickey!

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