Thursday, February 26, 2009

A letter from my children

Dear Mom,
Here is a list of stuff we like/want to do (choose 1):

Move our mattresses and make a fun house with them and go to Boondocks. And go to the movies to see Ice Age 3: Age After the Dinosaurs and go skydiving, and go Bungee Jumping and go to the store and they let us raid candy and go to the store and play dart guns, and go to the jungle, and ride a helicopter over the Hollywood sign and over Antarctica, and go to a shelter and we babysit all the animals, live on the beach, and go explore caves and a volcano, and own a cruise boat, and ride the biggest roller coaster in the world and have a band. Get a house of starburst. Play with a penguin in Antarctica. Drive a monster truck. Eat whatever, whenever. That wizard world was true. Fly. Have Christmas every day. Own a phone. Camp at the top of the mountain. Live on another planet. Go 30 feet under the ocean in a submarine. Swim in the ocean with dolphins. Be in a life size dollhouse with stuff in it. Go to the moon. Be on American Idol or Survivor. Own 9,999,999,999,999,999 cats. Play at Lillie's gymnastic place. Be able to float in midair. Go to China. Go to India. Be the author of a NY bestseller of all time. Live at Classic Skating. Own every game system in the world. Be a trillionaire. Not be able to get hurt. Shrink. Become a cat. Discover a shipwreck.

Your kids

Now who can pick just one? At least no one can accuse them of not having any aspirations!! So far they have succeeded in making a fun house with their mattresses, and although we are going to Classic Skating, we will not be living there any time soon.


runningmom said...

Too bad you didn't take them up on the "go play at Lillie's gymnastics place"--we went to open gym there today!

bullfrog ranch said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like they have David's genes and sense of adventure. Love Jen in Rifle

Jen said...

If you decide to take that helicopter ride over Antarctica, would you invite me? :)