Friday, February 6, 2009


Organization is one of those things that I constantly struggle with. It's not my strong suit, though I'm organized in my own unique way, I'm very unorganized in many more ways. My lack of organization will bother me for a while, then it goes away. Maybe it's the winter months that has me contmeplating this major character flaw, or perhaps it's the realization that most people are better at organization than I am.

Quite honestly, I have a general out-of-sight out-of-mind attitude. If I can't see the toys, then it doesn't matter that they are a disastrous mess(i.e. the basement). If I can't see what's in the drawer, then it doesn't matter that you can't open it because I just crammed more stuff into it that I didn't know what to do with. If you don't open my coat closet, you won't know that the games are mere inches from tumbling off the shelf because I shoved them back in helter skelter.

Really, the only time my lack of organization bothers me is when I'm getting into a drawer, can't find something or have to curse as bowls fall out of the cupboard as I'm attempting to find the one I want. That's when it really irks me. That's when I have grand plans to reorganize every drawer, cupboard and closet in the whole house. But as my dear husband has pointed out, if it REALLY bothered me, I'd do something about it. And in all honesty, as is evident by my cupboards, it must not REALLY bother me because I still have mass chaos surrounding me.

It also irks me when I see the ideal staring me in the face; the perfect example of how to organize my life. Going to other people's houses is sometimes a bad idea because you see them at their best and you start thinking about your own house and your own downfalls. I'd love to be one of those people that had all toys in sets, organized in separate bins with pictures on the front for easy clean-up and storage. Just not enough to actually do it. I'd love to have an immaculate house, but not enough to give up computers and reading.

I suppose the moral of my ramblings is this: I will most likely continue in my organized chaos. Perhaps my children will grow up to be neat freaks because of my lack of desire/ability to organize my clutter. But they'll survive. I have. And if you are like me, close the laundry room door and magic happens! The mess is GONE!! And if you stop by unexpected, I won't hide my mess. I may apologize, but what you see is what you get. I do have five kids for pete's sake. That has to be good for something!

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