Friday, February 20, 2009

Moms and sickness

Once you become a mother, you aren't allowed to get sick. Ever. And if you do, you still have to be THE MOM. Gone are the days of sleeping and watching television and having someone cater to your needs. Gone are the days of someone tending to you and patting you on the head commiserating with whatever illness you may have. You can get sick, but somehow you still get to do everything you always do. The children don't feed themselves, you know!

I spent the majority of Monday with a migraine and yesterday with some sort of stomache bug. It's been a long week, to say the least. Somehow the children survived, though the house has seen better days. I'm not sure how moms survived in the days pre-microwave, pre-television and pre-gaming systems, because honestly, that's what my kids have done this week.

Mom doesn't really get to be sick. Mom can pretend for a short time, but then duty calls. And children don't let mom lay in her misery without "helping". By "helping", I mean crawling all over mom, needing mom's attention and otherwise doing anything and everything they can to prolong mom's misery. Mom is THE MOM, no matter what.

My advice to children and anyone without children, enjoy being sick, as ironic as that may sound, because once you are THE MOM, you are ALWAYS THE MOM, and don't plan on getting sick. Ever.

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Lori said...

Amen sister!! I just got done laying in an exhausted heap on the floor with Ella and Melody climbing all over me. Oh the joys. At least they are cute! :) I'm glad you are feeling better.