Thursday, April 9, 2009

The burned carpet story

I thought I would share, in detail, the events of the morning of Lillie's baptism since I briefly mentioned that we had more than our share of excitement that morning.

We had spent the morning cleaning the main floor in preparation for the company we would have later in the day. All the kids had helped, but because of our emotional states, Lillie and I had been banished to our respective rooms by Dad. Being banished when there's a million things to do doesn't sit well with me and I couldn't lay still. When I heard Lillie get banished(we don't do much grounding at our house) for crying over rinsing the tub before her shower, I knew we were both a little high-strung. After a few minutes, I snuck down the hall(I had already attempted escape a couple of times only to be sent back to my room) and climbed into bed with my daughter. I told her that Daddy had banished me too and we laid under the covers giggling about trying to banish Dad. When we were discovered, there was much giggling by everyone! And to my husband's credit, banishing us did both of our moods good.

By the end of my banishment, the main floor was mostly clean, but I needed to do the kitchen floor. The perfectionist in me HAD to mop! So I made all the kids go upstairs and I proceeded to mop. I was about halfway through when I heard Michael hollering at me. I yelled up at him that I couldn't hear him, to which he continued to holler "Mom" then a bunch of stuff that I couldn't understand. I ultimately yelled that he needed to come out in the hallway so I could hear him. (This was after yelling that I couldn't hear him about 12 times!) Finally, Andrew comes out in the hallway and informs me that Michael dropped the lamp from the turtle cage on the floor and it burned a hole in the carpet. Well, I dropped the mop and ran upstairs as fast as a pregnant lady can run. And sure enough, there was a 1 1/2 inch hole burned in the carpet! I was so mad I couldn't even speak! I made him go to his bed, then retreated to my room to collect myself. You see, they KNOW not to touch the lamp!!

After I calmed down, I found out the whole story. Michael had been sitting on the side of the turtle cage which is just a giant rubbermaid and not made for sitting. So the cage had tipped over and the lamp had landed on the carpet. Apparently, that is what prompted all of the "Mom" yelling that I could never understand. He had righted the cage and was trying to put the lamp back when I walked in. I was still mad, but forgave my sad-faced little boy, sighed a big sigh at the hole in the carpet and went to finish mopping.

After that trauma I figured we had survived the worst. I got a shower, got dressed and got the kids some lunch. They ate in fear of their lives with constant reminders of how clean the kitchen was. I was sitting at the table, trying to take deep breathes and finishing my lunch when I noticed Katherine laying over the arm of the couch playing with a toy. I noticed her feet were precariously close to the large floor lamp next to the couch, but it was as if everything was in slow motion. I started to tell her to move over just as she kicked her legs out and sent the lamp crashing to the floor. It shattered into a million pieces and I stood there staring at the disaster. She immediately starts crying and repeating over and over "I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry!" I started to cry. I couldn't help it. I still had much to do, and sweeping and vacuuming again was not on that list! The lamp hadn't just shattered onto the tile, but on the carpet in two rooms as well as down the hallway. It was an utter disaster.

The boys came and gave me a hug, at which point I collected myself, banished all children to a 'safe zone' so nobody would step on glass, and proceeded to clean up the mess. Dave was out running an errand, so it was up to me to be the adult!! Sometimes it just sucks being the grownup! I hugged Katherine, who was still crying that she was sorry, and let her know I wasn't mad at her. I knew it was an accident. And somehow, we got everything cleaned up and we even made it to the church on time. I think it was a miracle!

So there you have the drama behind our lovely day, which really was lovely albeit a little disastrous in the meantime! Life with children is NEVER boring!!

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Jana said...

I swear is those special days that all the chaos happens! I am so glad to see you all made it through the day....alive!