Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter fun!

Aren't they cute?

This year, we had easter at home. Many years we've had it with family, but this year we had the whole day at home! The easter bunny in my house merely brings a pile of candy and the kids got a movie. I didn't even bother with baskets this year. How cheap am I? But the kids did get some new duds and they looked oh-so-yummy!! Katherine wanted to wear her dress all week and could hardly wait until Sunday!

After the three hour tour (or rather, our church meetings), I fell into an exhausted stupor. Luckily, the kids happily were killing brain cells in front of the television. I made a ham (Go me!) and we had us a traditional Easter Feast!

Then came the egg coloring. I was grateful when that ordeal was over. Anything that involves dye and small children tends to cause me just a little bit of anxiety. Ok, so a lot of anxiety! And it didn't help that Odessa spent the whole time crying at me and wanting to do it all by herself! She's a helpful child! But now we have some beautiful eggs in the fridge!

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Julia said...

They are oh so cute!