Monday, April 6, 2009

I know I'm pregnant but...

C'mon! Isn't ANYBODY else hot? I mean really. My body temperature can't be THAT far off from normal. Can it? Oh, and those crazy-lady emotions that are always being made fun of on television? Yeah, those have definitely set in. I called my husband last week to ask what time he was coming home and ended up sobbing about my crappy day, while apologizing all at the same time. Talk about unstable!

I was told by my first ever OB that the reason pregnancy lasts for nine months (which is really closer to ten since it's counted by 40 weeks, but don't tell pregnant women that), is so that we are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to GET IT OUT!!! And boy howdy, is that ever true! Labor, HERE I COME! I am now at the point that I can't decide which is worse, having a newborn or still being pregnant. It's a tossup.

Plus I'm now getting the stares and sympathy from strangers and the, "Oh, how much longer do you have? You have to be close!" commentary. Depending on my mood, I either want to smack them silly for asking or fall into a crying, exhausted heap and proceed to cry on their shoulder. There's not much in between. It's kind of sad.

I think my husband and children are ready for me to have the baby so they don't have to deal with psycho-mom anymore. Unstable, crazy, psycho-mom who may just start crying if you are mean. Either that or she'll go postal on you and there's no notice for either behavior.

And SERIOUSLY, isn't ANYBODY else hot?!?!?

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Susan said...

Yes, yes and yes!!! But I'm menopausal so I'm not sure that's in the same category.