Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lillie's birthday etc.

We had quite the week last week and this mommy was pooped! Lillie turned 8 and we had a three day birthday event! On her birthday, Thursday, we had our family shindig. She got new scriptures and lots of jewelry from us. Then, Friday, we had her big party with her friends. Imagine 9 giggling girls doing nails, making body glitter and doing facials! Fun was had by all, but I'm glad it's over! Then on Saturday, my beautiful girl was baptized.


My beautiful kids!

Miscellaneous items:
After everyone left Saturday afternoon, I sat in an exhausted stooper on the couch; a happy, exhausted stooper. It had been a whirlwind of events, but everything had gone well. (Despite the broken lamp and the hole that was burned into the carpet in the boys room. But that's another post.) I'm not sure I moved off the couch for the rest of the day. Sunday, I managed to go to church and teach my class, but spent the remainder of the day trying not to move. Now Monday came, and with it came a three hour marathon spent at Firestone. You see, last week, amidst the chaos, it became painfully obvious that the brakes were done for. So I sucked it up, and took the car in. The sad thing is, I still think the alignment is off, but I can't bring myself to take it back in. I'm not ready for another car marathon. Then yesterday, my body kindly informed me that it was all too much, and I spent the day on the couch. And as I sit here this morning contemplating the things I should do today, I am aware of the cruel April Fool's joke nature is playing as I watch large flakes drop from the heavens. I'm painfully unmotivated and wondering how many days the kids will go before they stage a coup because of my lack of grocery shopping. I guess we'll find out!


Julia said...

Happy Birthday and baptism Lillie! We are delighted for you.
As for the April fools day.. we don't have snow gratefully but we do have the rain...uggh! I am so ready for summer.

Patty said...

Lilie looks beautiful. I am glad your day turned out good.

runningmom said...

LOVE the picture of your kids!! Saturday was really nice.

And can't wait to hear the burned carpet story....