Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A day in the life of a busy toddler

6:50 a.m. Begin the day by yelling 'Mom'. It's the perfect time to be the center of attention!

7:00 Oh good, mom is finally coming! Hand her all of my treasures from bed so she can carry me and all my stuff downstairs. If she didn't have that darn belly, I could probably hand her more stuff.

7:10 Follow mommy to the bathroom. Sitting by myself on the couch is so boring.

7:30 Get a sippy and insist on breakfast. If the big kids get a bowl of cereal, I should get one too. And a spoon. Although the spoon falls on the floor a lot.

7:45 Yay! Mom turned on Diego. I can go watch TV. Ooooh, looky. What's that? My sippy! I wondered where that went! Yummy!

7:50 Wait! Where'd mom go? I'd better go track her down in case she is doing something interesting. Oh cool. She's in the bathroom doing the big kids hair. I think I'll help! Yay! The water bottle. I'll suck on it!

8:00-9:00 Wave goodbye to the kids. Wait. Where'd mom go? Ooooh, a kitty! Oh, Dora's on. My ball, yay! Oooh, a kitty! There's Katherine, maybe I'll go hit her just to see if she'll scream. That's always good fun!

9:00-9:30 How'd I lose mom again? I bet she's taking a shower. I'll go help! Oh, good. I found her. Oh, the bathtub. I'll turn on the water and throw things in there. Uh, oh. Now that stuff is all wet. Hmmmm. I'll go get all the stuff on mom's night table and shove it under the door. She loves it when I do that. Cool! Look how fast mom got out of the shower! Wait! My toothbrush! I'll bet I can get her to let me play in the water in Dad's sink while she gets dressed. She takes FOREVER!

9:30-11:00 I wonder how fast I can run! Catch me if you can and just try to get me dressed and change my diaper! I dare you! Oh, and we'll see if I let you get within a foot of my snotty nose! I'd rather have it drip! Run around chasing kitties, hitting sister, occasionally eating breakfast and creating havoc! Oh cool, mom is cleeaning! I think I'll go close all the blinds she just opened! Laundry too? I love to help with the laundry. I bet I can close the dryer faster than she can get stuff in it! What a fun game! Hey, there's my sippy!

11:30 Beg for lunch. Feed the cats part of my hot dog. It's so funny!

11:30-1:30 Climb on mom while she's on the computer. Try to touch buttons before mom stops me! Follow siblings, all the while keeping Mom in view. She's a tricky one!

1:30 Darn it! I have to go take a nap. Give mom my blankie, rabbit, sippy and ball to take to bed! Now insist she carry everything upstairs!

3:30 Man! I was tired! Oooh, my ball. Holler for mom, she'll come get me!

3:30-5:30 Snack time and play outside time. C'mon mom, please!!! If mom won't go outside with me, I'll start begging siblings. Andrew's usually a good bet! If I can't get anyone to take me, I'll insist on wearing my shoes and coat around the house for sympathy. Oooh a kitty!

5:30 Cry non-stop until mom feeds me. Hmmm, I wonder what this food is. Nope. No good. Chuck unwanted food on the floor. I wonder why I'm still hungry?

6:00-9:00p.m. Mom looks tired. I think I'll go sit by her on the couch. I wonder why she keeps telling me to go play? She looks lonely, I'm just keeping her company! Oooh, a kitty! Oh, my blocks. I think I'll dump them out on the floor! Bring mom some books to read me! That'll relax her! Oh, lets go outside! I'm gonna go bring mom my shoes. I bet she'll take me! No? I don't get her. Maybe if I cry real loud, she'll take me outside. Alright. I guess Andrew will do. What does she mean bed time? I was just getting started! All right then, but I've gotta go find all my stuff. Hand mom my blankie, rabbit, sippy and ball and ask up. Oh, I love mom! Good night. Sing me twinkle little star!! Man, I've got a busy day tomorrow!


Julia said...

Yep, sounds about right! BTW, I love the background!

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

I used to refer to my son as my little shadow. Hang in there....