Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crumby children!!

I am perpetually amazed by my children's ability to get so much food on the floor. I wonder if they ever actually get any food into their bodies. With the amount of crumbs I sweep up on a daily basis, I doubt that they ever stick their heads over the table to eat.

I've tried watching them closely, constantly reminding them to eat over the table. We'll have a relatively neat meal. Then I'll go to sweep. And I swear to you, their entire meal went out their feet because it's all on the floor. I just don't know how they do it. I am perpetually sweeping the floor, and it's never clean. I can sweep the whole thing, pull out chairs, move everything off and have a beautiful floor for 1.2 seconds. Because the moment they step foot on it, they are leaving crumbs in their wake. I think they create crumbs without even eating.

I have consigned myself to a life of crumbs. I'm sure by the time they grow up and leave home, if I kept all their crumbs, I could fill the whole house and then some. So I'll just have to call them my crumby children.

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