Friday, December 21, 2007

You know you're a mother when....

You can iron one handed. I have a feeling that over my time as a blogger, I will add to the list of things that remind you of motherhood. This is just the first on my list.

I spent the afternoon ironing table armed. O is five months old and refused to be happy anywhere but my arms. So I bounced baby on my hip, and carefully ironed and ironed and ironed. You'd think I'd be able to lift 100 pounds with that one arm by now. Nope, I'm still a wuss.

Multi-tasking is just part of motherhood. We manage to do things we never thought we could. And juggle things in a way we never knew possible. Part of me wonders how long it would have taken to iron, minus baby, but the other part doesn't want to know because it just might be depressing!!

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