Saturday, December 22, 2007

Murphy's law

Murphy works very hard at my house. He likes to make sure that I don't get too comfortable and that life doesn't go as planned. I think that Murphy does this up to keep me on my toes. Just this morning, Murphy decided to implement his most favorite of laws. Don't let mom get too much sleep or she might function too efficiently. Saturday is the day many people sleep in, and I miss the days when I could be included in the throng. Sleeping in for me is anything after 7:30. So of course, at the lovely hour of 6:20, O was bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Cooing and smiling and being oh so cute. I, of course, stayed up later than usual last night. Murphy, being his usual self, thought that since I had to be up, everyone else should sleep in. Oh Murphy, what a good friend you are! So, O went back to sleep at 7:30, too late for me to get any good sleeping in done. And of course by 8 a.m. the other children were beginning to wake. So Murphy got his wish. This mother did not get too much sleep, and definitely won't function too efficiently today! Thank you Murphy for being such a good friend!

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Russ said...

Glad to see Murphy is alive and well. Great blog, Stacey! Keep it up. I will continue to enjoy reading it.