Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Achilles heel

Laundry is the Achilles heel of my household organization and cleanliness. Every week, I start on Monday with a new resolve to get it all washed, folded and put away before Wednesday. (I have lofty goals, I know.) And every week, it's Friday and I still have a pile of laundry on the couch. Granted I usually do at least one load a day, with the majority on Monday and Tuesday. But still, I should be able to get it put away by Wednesday shouldn't I? I even have a laundry schedule for myself. Not that it helps, but at least I can say that I have a plan.

What I really need is a laundry maid! My husband informed me that I already have one. Actually I have three. But they are three whiny laundry maids, and sometimes it's not worth the effort of having them fold and put away their own laundry. I have to pick my battles sometimes! Katherine, my two year old, is the most exuberant of my laundry maids, though technically I don't count her yet. She's not terribly reliable in the putting away category, and we are still working on the concept of folding it first.

Today, I am on top of the laundry, but I'm sure by Friday I'll still have a load that needs to be folded and put away. So it goes!

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