Friday, October 30, 2009

Cats and Kids: a comparison

Don Juan

We have two cats, Don Juan and Winter. I love those stupid cats, but I've discovered several ways in which cats and kids are eerily similar.

1. Cats and kids both feel the need to accompany me to the bathroom. If I escape alone, I can guarantee paws and fingers and toes emerging underneath the door.

2. Cats and kids like to play in the toilet. What is it about the bathroom? I don't personally find it that interesting, but at any given time I can be certain to find either a cat perched on the toilet lapping up water, or a kid putting stuff in it to flush.

3. Cats and kids whine about being fed on a regular basis. And both get louder the longer you ignore their pleas.

4. Cats and kids feel the need to plant themselves right in the middle of whatever you are doing. If you have a cat and you are reading a newspaper or magazine on the floor, the cat will most likely plant him/herself right on top. I've had kids do the same thing.

5. Cats and toddlers are afraid of the vacuum. This doesn't apply as much to older kids, but my cats and toddler run for the hills every time I turn on the vacuum.

Maybe instead of saying I have 6 kids, I should count the cats and say I have 8. They act just like my toddler most of the time anyway. Darn cats!



Anonymous said...

Stacey this gave me such a laugh. I had some difficulty reading it because my two youngest and our cat were trying to clamber onto my lap and obscure the screen of my laptop as much as possible. I find that the fear of vacuum cleaners kicks in again as soon as they become teenagers and are asked to tidy their rooms!

olivia said...

Cute post. I am a total cat person, although we only have a dog at the moment. Your cats are beautiful!