Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's on YOUR kitchen floor?

Sadly, this floor was immaculate before the kids ate breakfast.

My children are unable to make the food actually enter their body via their mouth. It's physically impossible, I'm sure of it. The only evidence to the contrary is that they keep getting bigger.

What's on YOUR kitchen floor today? Do your children posses the ability to make the food actually enter their bodies? I'm truly curious!


Rocky Mountain Memoirs said...

This looks like my kitchen floor until I let the dog in to bat clean-up!

Jen said...

I agree. This is exactly why we don't discourage the dogs from eating off the kitchen floor. I honestly don't understand how people deal with kids without dogs.

Jana said...


bullfrogranch said...

Our floor looks the same after every meal. That's why I am happy that the kids can help sweep after meals. The vacuum comes in handy from time to time as well. :)