Friday, October 2, 2009

I Blink

I've been a tad apathetic about the holidays this year. I'm not throwing my annual Halloween party because there just isn't time. I really didn't want to decorate for Halloween, and I love Halloween. How did I become such a GROWNUP?

I came home from the gym this morning and L (age 8) had unpacked all of the Halloween boxes and efficiently spread stuff all over the house. I walked in and said, "What in the world?", but quickly stifled myself when I saw the look on her face. It could have been Christmas morning for all I knew. She was thrilled with herself.

So, we decorated for Halloween.

All day I've been asking how I've become the boring adult who doesn't look forward to all the holidays with child-like anticipation. When did this happen?

I think my apathy comes in part from the realization that before I blink, another year will be gone.

I blinked and my baby turned ten.

I blinked and my third child started first grade.

Life is flying past me too quickly. I'm not ready for another set of holidays that will be gone before I blink again.

But as we decorated and the children jabbered at me about what they were going to be for Halloween and how they couldn't wait to go Trick-or-Treating, some of my enthusiasm was renewed. I realize that I have to really enjoy these times because they are so fleeting.

Before I blink, they will be all grown up with children of their own.


runningmom said...

Glad to hear some of it is coming back to you! It just hasn't been the same this year...usually it's all Halloween talk over there! :-)

bullfrogranch said...

Oh my goodness. I feel the same way about holidays too sometimes. They take so much work. Sometimes I wish that I was still the child becuase mom took care of all the planning etc. I guess that comes with passing the baton of motherhood.

Jen said...

I'm foregoing my annual party as well. I did decorate, though, and it was no small accomplishment considering I had to crawl under the stairs to get the stuff out!