Friday, October 16, 2009

A week in review

Monday: Messy house, mom's birthday, abandoned any and all plans to be productive and went to lunch with my mom and my sister. House still a mess. Didn't get laundry done. Children complain.

Tuesday: Grocery shopping, laundry, messy house. Give up on potty training. (I said I would, didn't I?) Heaps of laundry piled on couch so I can vacuum.

Wednesday: Visit my sister and avoid messy house. Nap time is a joke. Seriously hoping Odessa doesn't quit napping yet. I'm so not ready for that.

Thursday: Garbage day. Messy house. Run 4 1/2 miles. Go me! Fold more laundry. Go to craft store. Entertain K by crafting. O back in diapers. Pullups too expensive to go through so many in one day. At least she still poops in the potty. Emily is attempting to crawl, little stinker. Dreamt about my sister-in-law going into labor. I hope it happens soon.

Friday: Messy house. Why does it look like I never clean? Got the kids to school and here I sit. Baby just woke up. And off I go.

Sometimes looking back on what I accomplish in a week is terribly depressing. It looks as though I really do sit around watching TV and eating bonbons. It doesn't seem that I've been so busy that I've had two whole minutes to myself this week. And that was locked in a bathroom with the cats and kids outside the door asking what I was doing. Love it! I just try to realize that I did in fact accomplish something. I accomplished survival of six kids! That's enough in my book!


Lori said...

So very true! There will be plenty of time for a clean house when the kids are older. The bathroom part is so so true. What is it with kids and cats and helping in the bathroom.

Laurie said...

I hope your dream comes true soon!