Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to survive a non-napping two-year old

This is a 'How-to' guide for mother's of children making the transition to 'Big Kid' by no longer napping. It is a sad, sad, sad (did I mention sad?) day when a child decides that a nap is no longer necessary.

Step 1: Allow yourself one full week of mourning. This can include wearing black, crying and moodiness.

Step 2: Put child down for a nap anyway, it makes you feel better even if you can 'hear' them napping.

Step 3: When toddler emerges from "nap", glare at toddler and declare, "That wasn't a nap!"

Step 4: When child begins throwing tantrums because of obvious lack of sleep, go to your happy place.

Step 5: One hour before bedtime, lock yourself in a padded room. The alternative, and more realistic option is to ignore the stomping, screaming, crying, screaming, stomping child. You may try a time-out. Good luck with that.

Step 6: Don't anger it.

Step 7: Pray that bedtime comes quickly.

Step 8: Breathe a sigh of relief when toddler is in bed for the night and go get yourself a snack. You deserve to eat something nice without sharing. You just survived the insanity of a non-napping toddler. Kudos to you!


Anonymous said...

Synchronicity! My two-year old has added insult to injury by being the best napper at pre-school but resolutely refusing to close her eyes at home. I wrote an ode to sleep on my blog last night.

Angela said...

It's so sad when they give up naps. My kids have been nap free for almost 2 years and it's been so exhausting. lol

Thanks for following, I'm following back on google friend and twitter. :)

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Oh...I hope that day doesn't come!

Melodie said...

I'm almost there with the nap thing. Especially because if she does nap she doesn't go to bed til late. These days our sleep wake cycles are on par and I really would like just a little bit of me time. Just here and there you know....btw, SIX KIDS! It puts any of my complaining to shame!