Thursday, June 12, 2008

Odessa bit Katherine, Sticky floors and The Refrigerator Catastrophe

Odessa bit Katherine. Yesterday, we were shopping at Wally's world, and Katherine was determined to hang onto the cart in front of Odessa. Odessa kept putting her mouth on Katherine's hand and Katherine would giggle. I warned her that Odessa might bite her, but I suppose it's always more fun to find out first hand if mom is right. And so Odessa bit Katherine. Katherine cried. And Katherine quit putting her fingers in her sister's reach.

I mopped on Monday. Not that you can tell, but it's exponentially worse than usual. Lillie dumped an entire bowl of cereal on the floor on Tuesday. Michael dripped some unknown sticky substance on the floor in front of the garage. (Probably the popsicle I told him he couldn't have in the house.) Katherine was "helping" put groceries away after our Walmart adventure and broke six eggs on the floor. The children cooked some brownie concoction with limited parental supervision while I was at a church function Tuesday night. Lillie decided she needed the big shovel to dig a hole in the backyard, so now there is mud on the floor too. Yup, it's gross. Oh, and the Fridge broke. (See next section for details.) So sticky, watery substance from a broken fridge is also all over the floor. Part of me thinks maybe I should wait to mop for another day or two because I know as soon as it's clean, the children will just get it sticky again.

The Refrigerator CatastropheMy two year old Refrigerator is not working. I spent two hours this morning on the phone and playing with drippy, wet, soggy freezer food goo. It was joyous. (Can you sense the sarcasm?) And of course it's past any kind of warranty. But Maytag did agree to cover parts so that's something. The soonest anyone can rescue my non-working fridge is tomorrow. So I get to spend the rest of my morning transferring all of the refrigerator food that is salvagable to our two mini-fridges. So amidst the chaos is just more chaos.

Oh, and the children just took water outside to wash the rocks they've uncovered from the hole they dug. And there's a big pile of dirt on the mini-picnic table. And Odessa is playing in the kitty water. And then there was pee...Calgon take me far, far, far, far away...quickly please.

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