Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer time

Summer break is within my reach. I can smell it! I thought the whole no more homework rhyme was just for kids. Nope, it applies to adults too. I also thought I was done with homework when I finished Dental Assisting school. Boy was I wrong. I'm going to be doing homework in one form or another for at least the next twenty years. The kids are out of school on Friday, and I'm counting down!! No more homework, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! HOORAY!! (And if you think teachers save dirty looks for just the kids in their classes, you've never had a kid in school! They save the best looks for the parents!) And this summer we don't get totally jipped on our summer break. Last year, thanks to the lovely year round school system, we got three whole weeks of summer break, during which I had a baby and sent my kids to school the next day. Fun for me! This year I get seven weeks of no school, no schedule, no homework, no reading(except for fun), and no school projects. I'm tingling with excitement! I'm sure I'll let the kids spend the first couple of weeks pickling their brains and making sure all that good learning they've done all year goes right out the window! Then we'll go lots of places and have lots of fun! Can you tell summer is my favorite time of year!! We are sooooo close!

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