Monday, July 7, 2008

The fourth of July!!

It's an exhausting, fun holiday for us. The fourth actually starts on the third with a sleepover at my husband's grandmother's house. Oh the chaos! Many of the kids and greatgrandkids go and it's a busy time. I was discussing with my husband that this is the only way we have ever celebrated the fourth and it's going to be very strange when his grandmother passes. (May that not be for many more years.) Anyhow, the sleepover consists of lots of food, a pajama parade, which includes music, goofy costumes and lots and lots of noise. The poor neighbors!! Then the sleeping bags get pulled out, and we line the kids up on the grass. This year, my kids were up till nearly midnight. At about 6:15a.m. the following morning, a band of neighbors comes around playing patriotic music. It's a wonderful tradition, but a little too early for my taste! Our sleepy family were the last ones up this year! Then it's off to the church for breakfast.
We took the children home for a nap right after breakfast, but the only ones that ended up sleeping was me and Odessa. Then it was off to Grandma's house for more food, swimming, and fireworks. Needless to say, the children are always completely worn out after all the celebrating!

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Julia said...

Man, I miss that crazy tradition. Sounds like it was a fun day!